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Today’s marketing is quite demanding!

Maintaining and building brands in the contemporary marketing landscape requires consistent and engaging presence in many different media and platforms. It’s quite demanding to manage a presence on both high-level brand communication and on an everyday practical level.   

Let’s support your brand

 Our palette of services is put together to build your brand and support you in the best possible way in this landscape of change and challenges. From the ground laying strategic planning, culminating campaigning, to everyday management of engaging work of social media creation and responding web updates. 
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Connected Customer Experience and Journey Mapping

Customer journey and experience planning is the core of our services, and really the basis of everything we do.

Based on solid customer journey models combined with detailed channel and media usage insights, we lay out the plans on how you can engage with your audience across every touchpoint.

A costumer journey can never be a one-path-fits-all. It’s the individual result of a single costumer’s response to your brand communication.

Our experience plans are aimed at guiding every single costumer towards your brand, always thinking the crucial three steps ahead.
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Strategy & Content Strategy

Your strategies and content plays an increasingly important role in reaching your audience.

In a joint effort between you and our strategists, creatives and content editors we lay out the strategy that ensures your content resonates with your audience. While staying on brand and supporting your customer experience plan.

Whether your are in campaign mode or your approach is Always on, it’s all about finding that sweet spot where your brand values and qualities overlap the interests and dreams of the consumer.
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Content layered marketing

When your strategies are put to life we rely on our tested content layered marketing models to plan and structure a truly connected customer experience.

The models cater for all touchpoints and marketing activities reaching from heavy burst campaigning to basic search-oriented web content.

Our models position content in three overall layers we call

• Brand Blast
• Brand Engage
• Brand Respond

Utilising our models, we can guard all aspects, from overall brand positioning and brand communication to specific communicational topics and final creatives. In all channels and platforms.
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Campaigning & Always on

Igniting attention and interactions with your brand, building synergy in offline & online channels. Campaigning is your opportunity to establish more touchpoints and expand your brand customer experience. Where as your Always on presence engage and respond to all social and search trends.

Some could argue Campaigning vs. Always on is the same as Push & Pull marketing, but it is a little more diverse than that.

We offer the complete campaign and Always on approach. From strategy, planning, overall creative communicational concepts, production to engaging communicational themes, topics and production of assets related to social and search.

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Data, insights & SEO

Surely it requires some empathy and human understanding to plan and build a qualified costumer experience. But more than that it requires a solid base of knowledge and facts to build upon.

Our experienced planners, consumer behaviour specialists and data analysts provide you and us with data, persona data, consumer insights, and SEO insights. This enables us to make the right decisions on where and how your brand is most likely to successfully interact with your audience.
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Content production

Every touchpoint matters in building your customer experience. Our skilled and creative content production team create content that really matters to your audience.

No matter the channel or media. Campaigning or Always on. We scale from big crew productions for campaign purposes to everyday SoMe postings and web updates. And always with focus on high consistency and high quality supporting content strategy, brand values and a connected customer experience.

To be in control of the full production flow (and save you costs) we also have our own video content production studio.

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Brand manuals & guidelines

Maintaining a brand across all touchpoints is a lot easier if you set the rules straight. We provide you with creative guidelines and brand manuals that secure brand consistency in messaging, tone of voice, brand cues and visual appearance. And more than that they define core elements in your brand’s customer experience plan and inspire creative executions of the plan. 
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Ways of Working and Playbooks

Creating and maintaining a qualified customer experience is an ongoing process.

We view the implementation of the customer experience plans within your organisation as a cornerstone in securing success and outcome. So we develop and deliver internal ways-of-working, and playbooks tailored to your needs. 

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Where and how to start?
Join our SPARK sprint sessions

Which approach should we take? Sometimes it can be a little difficult to know exactly where to start. That’s why we invite you to a 1, 2 or 3 day SPARK session with us.

Here we start from the beginning: Your main objective! Together we ignite solutions built on trust, transparency, teamwork and shared information.

You will be amazed on how far we can get in such a short time.
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Brand Building
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Customer Experience
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Customer Journey Mapping
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Strategy & Content Strategy
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Content Layered Marketing
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Campaigning & Always On
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Insights & Data
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Content Production
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Social / Social Management
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Studio, Film & Video
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Design & UX
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Digital Presence
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Coding / Development
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Playbooks & Guidelines
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Ways of Working & Playbooks

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