Influencer Marketing

It’s really not that different from the classic word-of-mouth, now it’s simply called influencer marketing – because people influence people. We help you build the strategic and creative framework you need in order to define your brand message and maximize ROI on your Influencer Marketing investments. Let’s help make it worth watching and engaging in.


Who is really in control of Influencer Marketing?

Only 17 % of Danish brands trust influencers not to break the law. Still, the majority of them are preparing to increase their influencer investments – even while complaining about a lack of transparency into pricing and results. Bottom line: Influencer Marketing is here to stay. But we believe it's time for the industry to grow up and for brands to make smart investments with cooler heads and long term strategies.

Read our report on how Danish brands experience Influencer Marketing and the challenges they face with the selection process, prices, and the industry as such.
The report is in Danish.


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