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Welcome to the Hybrid Agency

You could also call us an agile experience agency, a new ways of working marketing agency, a digital agency, a creative agency, an ad agency, an insights and data driven Omni-channel agency, a Cross-media agency. Or simply an agency where brand and experiences matter in the new world of marketing, that happens to be digital in most cases. That’s why Hybrid Agency pretty much sums it all up (and it’s a lot shorter!).

New Nordic!
Based in
Delivering to
the World.

Diverse people, common perspective.
Experience matters.

Based in Copenhagen, delivering to the World. We are full of experienced marketers. From insights & strategic planners, data specialists, and developers to creative designers, art directors, copy writers, content producers and editors, motion animators and film producers with the same common goal:

To create, connect and orchestrate great customer experiences and journeys that move people.

We are hybrids

Being a hybrid means that you are multi-skilled and flexible. Together with our years of marketing experience this always secures a holistic view on anything we do. No matter where in any process we are, we are able to plan, create, connect and orchestrate customer journeys and superior customer experiences in an agile way, to the great benefit of our clients.

ag•ile (aj´'l) adj.

thinking quickly
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