What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer when you surf the web. Cookies are used for example, to register your behavior on a specific website and to remember you the next time you visit. A cookie can’t contain a virus and is not dangerous to your computer. We use cookies to optimize the website and its functionality to give you as good an experience as possible. Below you can read about the cookies we use as well as their purpose.

Technically necessary cookies

We use a cookie to see whether you have been informed about the website’s use of cookies so that you avoid having to approve our use of cookies on each visit. Furthermore, we use cookies to control our signup flow and to check if you’re logged in to our website.

Cookies for statistics

We use Google Analytics to get statistics on how people are using our website. The details in the statistics are anonymous and are not associated with the specific user.

Cookies for marketing

We apply cookies from the advertising networks that we work with. This is to better target our marketing at people for which our products are relevant.

Can I refuse or delete cookies?

We assume that you accept our use of cookies if you continue to use this website. You can, however, always refuse cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Exactly where the settings are depends on the browser being used. You should be aware that if you do this, many functions and services on the Internet cannot be used. 

All browsers allow you to delete your cookies – individually or as a group. Exactly how you do this depends on your browser. Remember that if you are using more than one browser the cookies will have to be deleted in all of them.